bgo Casino removes all deposit and withdrawal fees!

Well this is great news! We love bgo Casino but we always had one major grumble that meant we marked them down in our reviews…they charged £2.50 every time you made a deposit or withdrawal. Maybe not a big deal for high rollers, but for those of us playing at low stakes and only depositing £10 or £20 at a time it was a HUGE deal.

Well thankfully they finally relented and have TOTALLY REMOVED all transaction fees!

That really bumps up the scores for bgo and puts them into the UK Casino Awards Gold Award top-rated casinos category. We don’t quite see the other bgo brands being up there yet, but they are all good choices too if you just want to play slots and aren’t so bothered about tournaments and the like.

Anyway, just wanted to share the good news. We have bumped up the bgo UK Casino Awards rating and the same goes for Chilli casino, Power Spin, Vegas Luck and 7Casino (not available to the UK).