UK Online Casinos in 2021 – What can we expect?

The UK has been a real leader in the world of online gambling, from exporting its popular bookmaker’s products worldwide, to taking a strict stance on regulation and compliance. What can we expect to change during 2021, a year that opens mid-pandemic and with Britain’s departure from the EU? How will Brexit affect UK online … Click here to read more!

Keep Gambling Fun!

Is gambling always fun? Does it ever become less fun? Something we really need to talk about more…how to keep gambling fun!

When most of us first consider gambling, it is the prospect of winning which draws us in. The idea that for a small risk you might reap a big reward is a very tempting proposition…and it’s something that many of us feel we just have to try. For those of us who play online slots and casino games, we quickly learn that playing to win is a flawed strategy. No matter how you manage your bank roll, no matter how carefully you check the odds and learn the games, over the long run we are more likely than not going to end up down.

Realising this, and learning to enjoy slots and casino games for what they are, is key to keeping it fun!

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Safer Gambling Week UK

Safer Gambling Week UK is a a cross-industry initiative to promote safer gambling in the United Kingdom and Ireland…that means everybody in the gambling business is getting involved! The aim is to keep gambling enjoyable for the majority of customers, to make it safer, and to make it a sustainable business in line with the … Click here to read more!

A Quick Guide to Slot Volatility

When we talk of volatility in online slots we are talking of the risk factor attached to a particular game, the amount you can win and the regularity of a win that we might expect. What’s the best High Volatility Slot? Some games pay out irregularly but yield big money wins when they do drop … Click here to read more!

A Quick Guide to Progressive Jackpot Slots

Have you been wondering what exactly a Progressive Jackpot game is and how they work? We’ve compiled a simple guide to these increasingly popular, high stakes online slots. Why play a Progressive Jackpot slot? Undoubtedly the biggest draw for online gamers when it comes to progressive jackpot games are the size of the potential real … Click here to read more!

Gamification in online casinos Fad or trend of the future?

Advances in online gaming thanks to smartphone and tablet technology have made it more accessible than ever with hundreds of online casinos appearing each year. With so much competition many casinos turn to seemingly “too good to be true” welcome offers to try and win your custom. But what about when that’s all been gambled … Click here to read more!

Top 10 High RTP Slots

Slots, the most popular form of online casino entertainment there is! You love ’em, we love ’em and happily there’s a ton of choice out there. Best RTP Slots List 2020 UK slot players enjoy a broad range of slots from progressive jackpots, to classic slots and the latest video slots. There’s plenty of choice … Click here to read more!

What to look for in a new casino

There are lots of things to look out for but here is our checklist of the things to watch for before you select a new January 2021 UK online casino to deposit your hard-earned cash!

New online casinos are ten a penny these days, but what makes them worth some of your time? It’s true that the casino industry is booming and you can’t go more than a day without a new brand cropping up!

Each new casino brand, promises to offer more than their predecessors but invariably much of it can be hype just to hook in the new players. So what should you be looking for? What makes a new online casino a safe bet?

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Our Top 5 Music Themed Slots

It seems a lot of UK online casino fans love to play slots with a musical theme.The popularity of musical themed slots with UK players is not surprising when you consider that more than 100bn audio streams were served in the UK during 2019 and the UK music market is the biggest in Europe.

Best Rock & Pop Themed Online Slots

Online slots are available in all manner of themes and styles. Of course, many UK slot players are music fans too so the popularity of video slots based on famous bands and performers from the world of rock and pop is not surprising. Some of our best loved software producers have teamed up with some of our favourite music legends past and present to develop these awesome collaborative video slots. Whatever genres of music you prefer there’s a good chance of finding a slot game to fit your taste, get your pulse racing and hopefully bag a big real money win into the bargain!

Read on for our top five music themed online slots list.

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Our Favourite TV Themed Slots

 Best Slots based on TV Shows

The recent trend of encapsulating our best loved TV shows and films in slot form shows no sign of slowing down. UK gaming fans are lapping up online slots and games based on their favourite television shows and characters that combine the chance for a real money big win. We live in hope of a Grange Hill or Come Dine with Me slot being created, but until then these are the best online tv-themed slots around!

Here’s our UK Casino Awards top 5 TV Slots:

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UK Casinos not on Gamstop

UK casinos that are not on Gamstop are NOT allowed to accept UK players – it is illegal to operate an online casino in the UK without a UK Gambling Commission licence!

UK Casino Awards only lists UK licensed online casinos that are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. These casinos all use the Gamstop self exclusion system which makes it easy for anyone who wants to prevent themselves from accessing online gambling sites to block all sites at once! Operators who choose not to participate in Gamstop will have their licences removed.

You can find a list of casino operators who DO participate in Gamstop here:

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Shadowbet Casino Leaves UK Market

The iGaming operator Shadowbet departed the UK regulated market as of Monday 4th May. Launched in 2016, ShadowBet is part of the MT SecureTrade Limited family. They are one of many companies who are partnered with Gig (Gaming Innovation Group) who will be departing the UK on 27th May due to ‘increased operating costs’.

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Gambling Awareness to be Added to the School Curriculum

The PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) Association is working alongside GambleAware to support children and young people to understand and avoid the risks associated with gambling.

Gambling Awareness on the Curriculum:

From September this year, all schools in the United Kingdom are required to teach secondary school students about the risks associated with gambling as well as matters related to debt. Until now, gambling has rarely been included in the school curriculum. This is despite students routinely being educated about the dangers of other risky behaviours including alcohol, drugs and sex.

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Why are 500+ Welcome Spins the new hot casino bonus?

Those who have been in the casino bonus market for a while will remember when £10 no deposit bonuses  were common, and it seems like only yesterday that 20 Free Spins No Deposit bonuses were a standard feature of any UK casino…but things have changed.

Since the UK Gambling Commission clampdown on bonus offers, regulation and management of casinos operating in the UK, bonuses are adapting to fit.

The latest bonus that is sweeping the UK is the BIG 500+ Free Spins offer that we see at many online casinos. But are all these offers the same? We decided to break it down with a few examples.

We search UK Casino Awards for the biggest bonuses to see what we could find.

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What is an online live casino? How does it work? Is it really live?

It sounds obvious, but it still leaves a lot of people really confused…live casino is just what it says…it’s a casino ,and it’s played live!

You can sign up to the website, create your new account, collect your bonus, and get ready to play just like at any regular online casino, but when you start playing roulette, cards or whatever your favourite table game might be…it’s with a live dealer and against other real players.

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Top Tips for choosing the right online casino

If you are thinking of playing at a new online casino, check out these tips first. They will help you to ask the right questions before you deposit any of your own money.

Is the casino site trustworthy?

Probably THE most important thing to look for when choosing an online casino; find out the license details to ensure they have permission to run a casino. This is particularly important as a casino can often look the part with a professional site but without the licenses and regulations in place you are at risk of unsecured play and not being able to cash out your winnings! You can usually find details of a casino’s license under the ‘About Us’ section, or if you scroll down to the bottom of their homepage you can often find the logo of the relevant governing body. Another good indication of a trustworthy casino is do they have legitimate contact details and known and trusted methods of making payments?

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UK Gambling Commission brings in credit card ban!

So it’s finally happened, as of the 14th April 2020 no UK Gambling Commission licensed casino can accept credit card payments…and it makes us wonder ‘How did this take so long to happen?’.#AD