Gambling ads on UK TV – should they be stopped?

Have you been seeing gambling ads on TV recently? We have spotted a few and we have to admit we were very surprised to see them.

Gambling advertising can be a sensitive issue, as exposing problem gamblers to adverts when they are trying to avoid playing is highly predatory. Websites like UK Casino Awards rely on search traffic – we don’t use traditional ‘display’ advertising to promote the site, our users have to be looking for us to find us (and thanks for finding us by the way!) so we operate in a different area to TV and print advertisers.

If you are a problem gambler, and are settling down for a quiet night in front of the TV with a cuppa and a pack of Hobnobs…the last thing you need to see is a giant slots win flashing before your eyes!

Can we do better at UK Casino Awards?

We have been considering changing the way we send email newsletters and updates. We have already decided against using text messaging for updates, it simply didn’t give us room to includes T&Cs or opt-out messaging. We don’t use Google paid ads either…it didn’t seem right somehow. We have also decided to stop using social media, because you don’t need to hear from us when you’re taking time out to chat with friends.

We still send emails because lots of you sign up for them! It’s the best way to let you know about new offers and promos and there’s an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in EVERY email we send.

But what can we do better? If you have any suggestions leave us a comment below.