MAX RTP Casinos – Return to player, why should UK players care?

Ok, so we saw a really interesting discussion on the Casinomeister forum recently. (P.s. If you don’t ever spend time on Casinomeister, you totally should! It’s one of the best forums for discussion of online casinos, slots, and the behind the scenes stuff that a lot of people don’t really know about). So anyway, the discussion was one that regularly bubbles up…which casinos pay out the best and are they all the same?

Well, the interesting fact that often gets recited is that casinos are able to choose, in some cases, what RTP their slots pay out at. Yes you read that right…the casinos themselves can choose whether to set their slots on generous, medium or low paying cycles!

Not all casinos run slots at the same RTP?

But why would they do this? Well, it’s pretty simple really. If the casinos keep more of your money they make more profit. If they make more profit they can spend more than their competitors on marketing, they can be more generous with welcome bonuses, VIP programmes, giveaways, tournaments and all the other incentives that make people sign up.

So wait…that means the casinos with the best bonuses might not be the best casinos to play at? Well, yeah that may be true in some cases…but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Intriguing right? And we know what your next question is…who is using which setttings? Well, yeah that’s what we thought too! In an effort to build awareness about this issue, and to help out the good guys by giving them some exposure we set up a MAX RTP Casino list – go check it out!